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Our Story 

From a small mixer to the best job in the world.

See how Monto events became a 5 star events company from a few lights to a warehouse full of the best event toys in the industry.

Over 8 years ago, my dad bought me my first sound mixer and I quickly fell in love. Over the next 2 years my love for sound and lighting grew while volunteering at school and my local church. 


5 years ago I decided to take my love of sound and lighting and provide disco services for friends and family with equipment I'd bought from birthdays and selling lego at craft fairs. This quickly took off and I started getting more and more jobs and blue monkey entertainment was born. 


I expanded and bought more and more equipment from the money I was making doing small discos and with every purchase I could see my dream of owning a proper events company slowly become a reality.


In 2022 I finally decided to turn my small business into an actual limited company and rebrand to Monto Events. At this point my dad who first introduced me to the wonderful world of live sound and lighting joined me in running the business and we were off.


We sold our old speakers and lights and with a small investment we bought quality equipment and started doing more expensive discos and small speaker systems.


Towards the end of 2022 we invested in a van, warehouse, photo booths and more sound and lighting equipment. Over the next year we delivered weddings, private parties and corporate production events every week through the Summer. I felt on top of the world!


After a very successful summer we wanted to keep pushing and keep growing so we did. We bought staging, a giant snow globe, a rustic bar, trussing, sweet cart, TVs, and even more production kit. We also decided to redesign our brand (I promise this is the last time) and create one cohesive events company that incorporated all the areas of our business in a fun and unique way that still kept the personal and fun approach that our clients have known to love.


Thats brings us to today! I have loved every second of our journey so far, despite all the up and downs I wouldn't trade it for the world. I am so excited to keep growing and to continue to deliver 5 star events for many years to come. 


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