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Why Us 🔍

We believe in actions instead of words so here are 5 real life promises we make to every client big or small.

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Your big Day,
without any big stress

So here you are, perusing the internet and you have stumbled across another wedding supplier but what makes Monto the right choice for you?

We know your nervous -
Don't worry

It really is Risk free.

To summarise we are risk free to you, don’t receive the service you paid for then money back, no risk of up sale, no risk of unqualified agency staff and no unreliable equipment. Monto isn't just a company, it's a tribe of event enthusiasts here to deliver five-star service just for you!

Its on us.

1 - We believe that once we commit to your wedding it is our responsibility to make sure everything runs as it should be, therefore if you aren’t happy with our service let us know. The service you pay for or your money back. 

Always Monto.

2- It’s always Monto, we pride ourselves on handling everything in house. Whether its the delivery of props or the technicians behind the lighting and sound rigs, everyone you speak to and meet are part of the Monto team . We are a company you can trust, no outsourcing, no equipment borrowed and un tested. 

No Expense Spared.

3- We promise to always provide the most up to date and effective equipment for the job. We regularly check our infantry and ensure that our standards are high. 

Whats right for you.

4- We are not a sales team, we are here to enhance YOUR day, of course we love to discuss all the options available to you, but there is never any pressure to pick a service that doesn't suit your day. Feel confident in contacting us to get exactly the service you require. 

Need more Proof ?

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